Developing a culture of security for synthetic biology

synthetic biology security

I was recently interviewed by Andrew Snyder-Beattie from the Future of Humanity Institute. I am putting edited excerpts from this interview below with the hope of engaging a discussion.   Andrew: What  should be done to address the risks of synthetic biology?  What are the roadblocks preventing these things from being done? Jean: I think that […]

Fostering Transdisciplinary Science with Cyberinfrastructures

I want to tell you how cyber-infrastructures can enable large research research projects involving specialists from multiple disciplines and why it makes economic sense to develop such an infrastructure. The most exciting scientific research often involves multiple disciplines. You may have heard of multidisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research, or transdisciplinary research. They are like different levels of intimacy […]

Chase the dream, not the money: the dirty little secrets of proposal writing

funding nih nsf

When I started writing proposal, I was “chasing the money” by submitting proposals haphazardly in responses to various calls I was aware of. There are two problems with this approach. I did not understand well how to work with the different funding agencies. And I was too reactive to have the data and credentials necessary […]

Google DNA Map

I owe to Mary Mangan from OpenHelix this gem. Apparently, her readers enjoyed this video very much. I had a lot of fun watching it. After you had a good laugh, stop for a minute and think about it. Is there anything in this video that’s semi-realistic? Drop us a line and let’s start a […]

John Yin Profile

Interesting video explaining some of the opportunities for mathematical modeling of viral infections.

Imagine what we can do together

LinkedIn just published this video as part of their 10 year anniversary. I like the way it frames the relations between personal aspirations and the need of others to move in that direction. Lately I have encouraged everyone in the group to think bigger, to be more ambitious in the scientific projects they focus on, […]

Figshare: Take my data! Take my money!

I love Figshare! We are getting used to the idea of using this wonderful resource for sharing all sorts of information as they become available. It is easy. It provides valuable statistics in real-time. Figshare is progressively becoming an integral part of our communication workflows. The service provided by Figshare becomes all the more important that […]

Dear Editors

Dear Editors, Thank you for the rejection of our paper. As you know we receive a great many rejections, and unfortunately it is not possible for us to accept all of them. Your rejection was carefully reviewed by three experts in our laboratory, and based on their opinions, we find that it is not possible […]

Play time: life science games

Our job is fun! We spend our days playing with DNA sequences. We design oligos, verify sequences, make sizable amounts of DNA out of thin air. We also play with yeast cells. We make them change gender. We make them mate and have babies with weird genes. Of course there is a lot of sweat […]