systems biology

Entrainment of a genetic oscillator

This paper from Bill Mather group in the Physics Department at Virginia Tech shows how a genetic oscillator responds to noisy signals. The authors show that the oscillator gets entrained despite the noise affecting the input signal. This is a nice use of an existing oscillator developed in Jeff Hasty’s group. After demonstrating this property […]

Parameter estimation at the whole cell level

This paper raises a number of interesting issues relative to the estimation of parameters of whole-cell models. The challenge here is obviously the underdetermination of the problem when the number of parameters is very large. This challenge calls both for the development of new parameter estimation algorithms and for innovative software implementations. This paper describes […]

Adaptive Imaging Cytometry

The use of microfluidics in live cell imaging allows the acquisition of dense time-series from individual cells that can be perturbed through computer-controlled changes of growth medium. Systems and synthetic biologists frequently perform gene expression studies that require changes in growth conditions to characterize the stability of switches, the transfer function of a genetic device, […]

A Whole-Cell Computational Model Predicts Phenotype from Genotype

Understanding how complex phenotypes arise from individual molecules and their interactions is a primary challenge in biology that computational approaches are poised to tackle. We report a whole-cell computational model of the life cycle of the human pathogen Mycoplasma genitalium that includes all of its molecular components and their interactions. An integrative approach to modeling that combines […]