Updated Team Page


We have updated the “people’s” page of the web site.  We renamed it “team” to better reflect the collaborative nature of our research projects. We have included on this page our main collaborators. We have also updated the section of the page with links to people we have worked with over the last 10 years […]

Leave it to chance or not

leave it to chance cover

Carolyn Beans wrote a blog post about our project to develop stochastic models of the regulatory network controlling cell division.  She was particularly interested in aspects of cell physiology that are affected by random events and how cells manage to remain healthy despite the vagaries of molecular interactions. Read her post on the NIGMS Biobeat […]

Sustainability of bioinformatics infrastructures

genomeweb logo

GenomeWeb published a long article about the sustainability of bioinformatics infrastructures based on the GenoCAD transition into a commercial product. The articles describes the challenges of finding the right business model allowing the scientific community who depends on the tools to access it without restriction while at the same time generating enough revenue to ensure […]

Language for plant synthetic biology

language for plant synthetic biology used to develop transgenic plants

Virginia Tech issued a press release describing the language for plant synthetic biology developed in collaboration with Anna Coll. Researchers at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech and the Slovenia National Institute of Biology have developed a language for plant synthetic biology. Using the GenoCAD platform, a computer-assisted design application for synthetic biology developed at Virginia Bioinformatics […]

Virginia Tech announces GenoCAD transition

Virginia Tech issued a press-release announcing the transformation of GenoCAD into a commercial product. GenoCAD started as a NSF-funded research project. In 2010, we released the application open-source using the Apache 2.0 license. Open source licensing appeared to be the most favorable way of ensuring the long-term sustainability of this infrasture. After we created GenoFAB, […]

Scholar of the week

Thank you to whoever nominated me for the “Scholar of the Week” award. The goals of the Scholar of the Week are to recognize individuals while also telling people about research and scholarly activities at the university. Recognition is based on research and/or scholarship.  

Single Cell Imaging Position

We have a single cell imaging position open to work on our project exploring the molecular basis of cell cycle checkpoints in budding yeast. The emphasis of this position will be on the collection and analysis of experimental data to build stochastic model of the spindle assembly checkpoint and the DNA damage checkpoint in Saccharomyces […]

Design of plant expression vectors

design of plant expression vectors

An article describing the rule-based design of plant expression vectors was published in PLoS ONE. This plant synthetic biology paper is a collaboration with Anna Coll and Kristina Gruden from the National Institute of Biology in Ljubljana. The GenoCAD file available in the online supplement is preloaded in the GenoCAD platform. Give it a try and let us know how it could […]

Web Site 3.0

cutting ribbon

A little over two years ago, we made a significant effort in developing a web site that could help us better communicate with various categories of stakeholders including students, reviewers, collaborators, and government agencies. The responses have been extremely positive. This encouraged us to continue our investment by updating the site.  I am very pleased […]

NIH Funding Rate

funding nih nsf

Dr. Sally Rockey published an interesting blog about the historical trends in NIH funding rates. The success rates are historically low but paradoxically, the number of people funded increases. This probably means the cost of managing government funds is going to the roof as more grants are written, reviewed, and administered. Dr. Rockey is NIH’s Deputy Director […]