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Synthetic biology software for Genetic Design Automation

Computer Assisted Design (CAD) tools are ubiquitous in nearly all fields of engineering. They provide two primary functions: simplifying common tasks and making designs convenient for communication and evaluation.  In electronics, the development of consistent suites of CAD tools is called Electronic Design Automation (EDA).  The spectacular success of EDA over the last 50 years provides an inspiring model for synthetic biology.

Genetic Design Automation (GDA) is the synthetic biology counterpart of EDA. Transitions between DNA sequence, model, and fabrication are currently hindered not so much by the implementation of synthetic biology software tools, but rather by three difficult scientific challenges: (i) predictability of components, (ii) decoupling of design and fabrication, and (iii) experimental characterization methods.

We are facing these challenges by prototyping four synthetic biology software applications to help with design, fabrication, and testing.

List of synthetic biology software developed at VBI