Essential Social Media Tools


Many scientists think that they don’t have the time to develop a presence in social media. Like many people in other trades, scientists are busy and cannot spend half of their day on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Many tools are available that make it possible to automate many of the activities associated with […]

A Guide for Communicating Synthetic Biology

The Woodrow Wilson Center Synthetic Biology Project has just released a guide to help practitioners of synthetic biology communicate with different constituencies. Reading this document is cheap insurance against potential public relation disasters that may hurt not only you and your organization but our entire industry. We certainly do not want or need a major […]

Peccoud Lab web site 2.0: what’s in it for you?

We got ourselves a new site! Bedridden recovering from a ski injury, I quickly put together a first web site for my research group using Google Sites. This was in January 2009! Little did I know that this site would serve us for three years. About a year ago, it became clear that the site […]