parameter estimation

Noise in synthetic genetic oscillators

This paper focuses on characterizing the stochastic dynamics of previously described synthetic genetic oscillators. It is a very nice combination of experimental and computational work. The computational aspect includes both image analysis and parameter estimation. They breakdown the noise into different components including intrinsic noise, cell cycle noise, and parameter variability by looking at the expression […]

Parameter estimation at the whole cell level

This paper raises a number of interesting issues relative to the estimation of parameters of whole-cell models. The challenge here is obviously the underdetermination of the problem when the number of parameters is very large. This challenge calls both for the development of new parameter estimation algorithms and for innovative software implementations. This paper describes […]

Parameter estimation preprint

We just submitted a revised version of a manuscript describing the analysis of data collected using our GenoSIGHT software. The paper shows that this data can be used to estimate parameters of gene network models. This manuscript is under consideration with PLoS Computational Biology. I am relieved that we were able to complete these revisions. […]