Recent CSU Publications

This is a list of  CSU publications referenced in Pubmed. All these publications have one author affiliated with Colorado State University. They have been discussed in social media over the last week. They are ordered by the impact they had over the last seven days. This list is updated in real-time. Come back often to stay in […]

Web Site 3.0

cutting ribbon

A little over two years ago, we made a significant effort in developing a web site that could help us better communicate with various categories of stakeholders including students, reviewers, collaborators, and government agencies. The responses have been extremely positive. This encouraged us to continue our investment by updating the site.  I am very pleased […]

Database of biological parts

Nucleic Acids Research just published a paper describing the results of our efforts to analyze the annotations of thousands of plasmids commonly used across many life science specialties. This effort allowed us to release a database of genetic parts and sequence features that will be useful in better annotating existing plasmids and develop new expression […]

Impact of our publications

We like to use the Altmetric score of our publications to check their impact in social media and in the news. Specifically, we retrieve publications associated with my ORCID profile. Click on the links below to have more information.

PLoS Extends Synthetic Biology Collection

In 2012, Mark Isalan and myself compiled a list of synthetic biology papers published in PLoS ONE (See The PLOS ONE Synthetic Biology Collection: Six Years and Counting). This impressive corpus of synthetic biology papers was highlighted by PLoS in a journal-specific collection. For various reasons, the decision was made at the time to focus on […]

PLoS Launches Synthetic Biology Community

PLoS is launching the PLoS Synthetic Biology Community ( as a hub to allow readers and authors of synthetic biology literature to gather in one place. This resource will provide informal online avenues for researcher collaboration and discussion of PLOS-published research, it will help promote the synthetic biology collection, and it will contribute to demonstrate the […]

What’s hot in Trends in Biotechnology?

As member of the editorial board of Trends in Biotechnology, I thought it might be useful to identify the Trends in Biotechnology articles that generate the most “buzz”. Below are the articles that have been mentioned in social media at any time. Click on any of them to know more.

What’s hot in Systems Biology?

This page helps you find the hotest papers in synthetic biology. All these papers have been mentioned at least once in social media over the last seven days. Click on any of them to know more.