Industrializing the production of biological knowledge

” DNA is the new silicon.”

– Jean Peccoud

Today’s most pressing challenges are the result on an unsustainable reliance on synthetic chemistries. Synthetic biology will provide innovative paths to enduring health, food security, and sustainable energy. Traditional methods in biology are inadequate to face the magnitude and urgency of the solutions needed. These challenges call for a cultural revolution that leverages contributions from biology, engineering, manufacturing, and computer sciences to catalyze the emergence of creative solutions.


  • Design and production of expression vectors 
  • High throughput yeast genetics 
  • Experimental validation of computational models
  • Cyberbiosecurity 


  • Data management 
  • Generating yeast mutants 
  • High throughput phenotyping for model validation 
  • Rationally design and synthesize optimized vectors 
  • Build large datasets conducive to modeling via high throughput genetics


  • Experimentally validate computational models and software 
  • Explore the connections between physical samples and their digital reference sequences 
  • Develop fruitful collaborations with modelers and software developers 
  • Leverage the similarities between computer languages and the genetic code for modular design of DNA constructs 
  • Applying manufacturing practices and principles to life science workflows

“Before working as a graduate student in Dr. Peccoud’s Lab I was an undergraduate student in his senior design group. Over the past year I have gained such valuable research experience and witnessed the vast amount of coordination it takes to run a high throughput lab. My time working for the Peccoud Lab was a big growth period. Every member of the lab is encouraging and passionate about what they are doing. Working in the lab was a challenge for me and the result of that was an improvement in my studies and research skills. I will miss being part of the Peccoud Lab and the amazing work that they do.”

- Sarah Condio

“I was a visiting graduate student in Dr. Peccoud’s group for over a year. I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about a field in which I had no previous experience. Dr. Peccoud excels in putting together diverse groups of people to work on interdisciplinary projects. He is both dedicated and passionate about his work, and he inspires and energizes people in his group to do excellent work. I enjoyed my time at VBI and hope to work with Dr. Peccoud again in the future.”

- Rebecca Shelton

"This lab is unlike any you'll ever work in: organized, efficient, state of the art LIMS. Excellent training for industry jobs."

- Jenna Gallegos

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