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New project aims to fuse top-down and bottom-up approaches in systems biology

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The National Institutes of Health has awarded Virginia Tech researchers a $2.13 million grant to develop new systems biology approaches to study cells, one of the most basic units of life. Systems biology aims to study complex cellular systems by systematically stimulating them, monitoring cellular responses, formulating mathematical and computational models to understand the data, [...]

Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-up Models in Systems Biology with Applications to Cell Cycle Control in Budding Yeast

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Source of Support: NIH  Amount Awarded: $2,090,926 (Peccoud’s Share $475,023) Period Covered: 05/01/11 to 04/30/17 Abstract: Two distinct approaches are being used to study complex cellular systems. The first approach automatically searches large datasets for correlations between genes and proteins and represents these as a graph with nodes and edges. The second approach painstakingly crafts detailed [...]