Twice or half the money?

In the January 31st, 2013 issue of Nature, Skip Garner published a comment entitled "Research funding: Same work, twice the money?". In this article Garner and his collaborators report the results of a large scale analysis of grant applications submitted to the main US funding agencies. Their approach combines automatic text mining of the proposal abstracts [...]

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GenoCAD v2.2.0 has been Released!

GenoCAD  was upgraded to v2.2.0 on February 3, 2013; this release builds on the new grammar editor that was introduced in v2.0.0.  We’ve added some new features that make it easier to implement grammars and to share what you have created with your colleagues. Enhanced Copy, Export, and Import of Grammars: Now it is possible [...]

GenoCAD v2.2.0 has been Released!2019-02-06T19:43:55+00:00