Dear Editors

Dear Editors, Thank you for the rejection of our paper. As you know we receive a great many rejections, and unfortunately it is not possible for us to accept all of them. Your rejection was carefully reviewed by three experts in our laboratory, and based on their opinions, we find that it is not possible [...]

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Play time: life science games

Our job is fun! We spend our days playing with DNA sequences. We design oligos, verify sequences, make sizable amounts of DNA out of thin air. We also play with yeast cells. We make them change gender. We make them mate and have babies with weird genes. Of course there is a lot of sweat [...]

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The A-Myth

In 1999, I left a tenured position in a French university to create a software company in Seattle. This was the high of the dot com boom when investors would put a seven figure valuation on any PowerPoint presentation. We had quite a ride until March 20, 2000 when the NASDAQ peaked. After the boom [...]

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