GenoCAD Tutorial at ICSB (August 29, 2013)

Systems and synthetic biology are cross-fertilizing each other in unexpected but very productive ways. For several years ICSB has included synthetic biology sessions. Many keynote speakers are known for their work in synthetic biology or at the interface between synthetic and systems biology. This tutorial will give ICSB participant an opportunity to practice synthetic biology [...]

GenoCAD Tutorial at ICSB (August 29, 2013)2019-02-06T19:43:17+00:00

Google DNA Map

I owe to Mary Mangan from OpenHelix this gem. Apparently, her readers enjoyed this video very much. I had a lot of fun watching it. After you had a good laugh, stop for a minute and think about it. Is there anything in this video that's semi-realistic? Drop us a line and let's start a [...]

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GenoCAD tutorial at Washington University in St Louis

For several months, the GenoCAD team and OpenHelix have been crafting training materials to help new users become aware of the features of GenoCAD. We’ve now rolled out workshops to bring live training to researchers who will benefit from using the computer-assisted design tools for genetic parts. We held the workshop on June 17 at [...]

GenoCAD tutorial at Washington University in St Louis2019-02-06T19:43:18+00:00