DNAFactory: A Gene Synthesis Game

We present our very first video game!  Targeted toward middle- and high-school students, DNAFactory demonstrates the steps a Gene Synthesis factory or laboratory would go through to produce DNA molecules; specifically, when creating a DNA sample, the target sequence is subdivided into shorter DNA fragments called oligos, which can be synthesized using a chemical process. [...]

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Developing a culture of security for synthetic biology

I was recently interviewed by Andrew Snyder-Beattie from the Future of Humanity Institute. I am putting edited excerpts from this interview below with the hope of engaging a discussion.  Andrew: What  should be done to address the risks of synthetic biology?  What are the roadblocks preventing these things from being done? Jean: I think that a [...]

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Happy Anniversary!

I started the lab eight years ago today and I got a little gem in my inbox that I wanted to share with you. Dear Dr. Peccoud, I am reading your article, "If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It". I just realized after reading it, today, May 1 is the anniversary of your group!. I wanted to [...]

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