Synthetic gene drives to alter animals in the wild

George Church's group published in eLife an article entitled "Concerning RNA-guided gene drives for the alteration of wild populations"in which they describe how CRISPR could be used to alter the genome of animals in the wild. A possible application of this approach could be to edit the genome of mosquitoes to prevent them from propagating [...]

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PLoS Extends Synthetic Biology Collection

In 2012, Mark Isalan and myself compiled a list of synthetic biology papers published in PLoS ONE (See The PLOS ONE Synthetic Biology Collection: Six Years and Counting). This impressive corpus of synthetic biology papers was highlighted by PLoS in a journal-specific collection. For various reasons, the decision was made at the time to focus on [...]

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PLoS Launches Synthetic Biology Community

PLoS is launching the PLoS Synthetic Biology Community ( as a hub to allow readers and authors of synthetic biology literature to gather in one place. This resource will provide informal online avenues for researcher collaboration and discussion of PLOS-published research, it will help promote the synthetic biology collection, and it will contribute to demonstrate the [...]

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Publishing preprint on adaptive imaging cytometry using Figshare

Today we submitted to PLoS ONE a manuscript entitled "Adaptive imaging cytometry to estimate parameters of gene networks models in systems and synthetic biology". The journal has a new data sharing policy that encourages authors to deposit data in a public repository. We uploaded on Figshare the raw data that did not fit in the online [...]

Publishing preprint on adaptive imaging cytometry using Figshare2019-02-06T19:41:29+00:00