GenoCAD has Moved!

GenoCAD has not been supported by an active research grant since 2013. As a result, the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute no longer has the resources necessary to maintain this free service to the community. Last we week we redirected the address to a new server available at This new infrastructure will be more suitable to support the [...]

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Stochastic modeling of the cell cycle goes on…

A couple of weeks ago, we received the renewal of the NIH grant funding our collaboration with John Tyson to develop stochastic models of the regulatory network controlling the cell cycle in yeast. This is the third funding cycle of this project that started in 2006. This renewal did not as smoothly as we had [...]

Stochastic modeling of the cell cycle goes on…2019-02-06T19:38:31+00:00

Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Models

Stochastic Models of Cell Cycle Regulation in Eukaryotes Source of Support: NIH Abstract: The cell cycle is the process by which a growing cell replicates its genome and partitions the two copies of each chromosome to two daughter cells at division. It is of utmost importance to the perpetuation of life that these processes [...]

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