MinION: Oxford NanoPore’s DNA Sequencing Innovation

Adventures with MinION Part I: Understanding ONT's DNA sequencing technology The 50th anniversary of the historic double helix DNA model came three years after the completion of the Human Genome Project (HGP).  Providing industrialized methods of DNA sequencing, this project lead the way for the development of Next-Gen sequencing (NGS). The development of high through-put [...]

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MinION: Learning Curve, Challenges, and Critiques

Adventures with the MinION II: Challenges and Drawbacks to the Novel Technology Oxford Nanopore Technology’s (ONT) MinION has garnered considerable excitement, for good reason.  It's suitable for labs on a limited budget, who work with DNA samples in the field, and who need long reads. These are all benefits that you cannot find when using [...]

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New publication defining “cyberbiosecurity”

We've just published a new paper describing the security risks that come along with the increasing digitization of biotechnology workflows. We call this emerging field cyberbiosecurity. Our paper about cyberbiosecurity was published in the Cell Press journal Trends in Biotechnology on December 7th. Concurrent with the publication, we also issued a press release and wrote [...]

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