Modeling DNA Manufacturing

EAGER: Modeling DNA Manufacturing Processes Using Extensible Attribute Grammars Source of Support: NSF Abstract: This EArly-concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) project supports the NSF mission of advancing the national health, prosperity and welfare by increasing the capabilities, accessibility and affordability of manufacturing services in support of America's leadership in the life sciences. The [...]

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Presenting Digital Signatures for DNA

A new project in the Peccoud Lab focuses on applying digital signatures to DNA in living organisms. Last week, postdoc Jenna Gallegos gave a presentation at the Synthetic Biology, Evolution, Engineering, and Design meeting in ScottsDale, Arizona describing this work. Abstract DNA molecules are frequently shared within the life sciences community, sometimes changing hands many times with [...]

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YPD Agar Growth Media

Materials Consumables for 1L of media: 900 mL Distilled Water 20 g Peptone 10 g Yeast Extract 20 g Agar 100 mL (bottle) 20% glucose Plastic Weigh Boat Aluminum Foil Autoclave Tape 0.2μm filter 3 mL syringe Hardware: 2L Flask Stir bar Hot plate Stir bar magnet stick Autoclave tub Autoclave Media [...]

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TE Buffer

Materials Consumables: Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (Tris) 0.6057 g Disodium Ethylenedeamine tetraacetate.2H2O (EDTA) 0.1861 g HCI Hardware: Mixer Stir bar Analytical balance Graduated cylinder 500 ML bottle Autoclave Prepare Buffer  Add 0.6057 g of Tris and 0.1861 g of EDTA to a 500 mL bottle with a stir bar  Add 450 ml of DI water and mix thoroughly [...]

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Chloramphenicol Antibiotic Stock

Materials Consumables: Chloramphenicol (323.13 g mol -1) Ethanol (96%) 50mL conical vials Screw cap tubes Hardware: Vortexer Analytical balance Procedure Instructions Pipet 40mL of ethanol into a 50mL conical vial Weigh out 2g of chloramphenicol with the analytical balance Pour into ethanol and vortex Once fully dissolved, filter sterilize: Screw 0.2μm filter onto 3mL [...]

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Carbenicillin Antibiotic Stock

Materials Consumables: Carbenicillin (Sodium salt; 371.39 g mol -1) Screw cap tubes 25mL Seriological Pipet 50mL Conical vial in a tube rack DI Water Hardware: Vortexer Electric serological pipet Dissolving Antibiotic Creation of 500mg/uL Carbenicillin Stock Weigh out 10g of Carbenicillin Place in 50mL conical vial Pipette 15mL of DI water into conical vial [...]

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5M Sodium Chloride Solution

Materials Consumables: NaCl | 146.1 g DI Water | 500 ml Hardware: Vortexer Stir bar Stir plate Analytical balance Preparation Instructions  Add NaCl to DI water while mixing with stir bar Once dissolved filter sterilize using bottle top filter (0.2 µm) Add to a sterile bottle

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20% Glucose Solution

Materials Consumables: Glucose DI water Weigh boat Autoclave tape Hardware: 2L flask Stir bar Balance 100mL glass bottles Autoclave Graduated cylinder Procedure Instructions: Measure out 1.5L of DI water into 2L flask on hot plate Add stir bar and begin spinning Measure out 400g of glucose powder Stir until dissolved Bring total volume up [...]

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