KPIs Board: Team Productivity and Performance Tracking

Academics are often told by critics that they live in a bubble. Cushioned from the harsh realities and fast paced environments of their industrial counterparts. To some, it seems academia works at a slow, inefficient pace and is wrought with bureaucracy. But academics function in a highly competitive culture where financial resources are scarce but [...]

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This August the Peccoud Lab was very pleased to receive an EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) award from the National Science Foundation. The funding supports a project the lab is working on with Dr. Indrakshi Ray's  group at Colorado State University to develop a software designed to ensure the identity and fidelity of [...]

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Developing Software to Write and Read Self-Documenting Plasmids

EAGER: Development of a Tool Chain to Write and Read Self-Documenting PlasmidsSource of Support: NSFAbstract:Life scientists rely heavily on engineered DNA molecules in basic research and the development of new biotechnology products. Proper documentation of these molecules is critical to ensure the reproducibility and safety of the processes in which they are used. Documentation generally [...]

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Hiring Postdoctoral Fellow

A Postdoctoral Fellowship is available immediately in the Peccoud Lab to support a research project aiming at using methods from synthetic biology to generate big datasets suitable to support the development of large-scale models of regulatory networks in yeast. We are seeking an exceptional and innovative individual with a degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, chemical engineering or [...]

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Creation of 0.5% Zinc Acetate

Materials Consumables: Zinc acetate DI water Bottle top filter Hardware: 250 ml beaker or erlenmeyer flask Stir bar Stir plate Sterile bottle Instructions  Add 0.5 g zinc acetate to 100 ml deionized water while mixing with stir bar in beaker.  Filter sterilize using bottle top filter (0.2 µm) into sterile bottle. [...]

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Creation of 1.5 M Tris pH 8.8 Buffer

MaterialsConsumables:Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (Tris) 181.65 gDI WaterConcentrated HCIHardware:MixerStir barAnalytical balanceGraduated cylinderSterile 1L bottleInstructions Add 181.65 g of Tris to a 1L bottle with a stir bar Add 800 ml of DI water and mix thoroughly to dissolve Add HCI until pH of 8.8 is achieved Add remaining DI water so a final volume of 1L is reachedNote: Make sure to let [...]

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Isolation of Plasmids via Zymo Research Mini-Prep

Getting Started Before proceeding: inoculate liquid media and grow sample using the Culturing E. coli protocol.     Materials Consumables: Binding buffer II-P spin column Microcentrifuge tubes Ice Zymo Research Mini-Prep Kit Hardware: Centrifuge Procedure  Set up all the tubes necessary for the mini-prep in a tube rack and number all the tubes (i.e. [...]

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Gordon Research Conference on Synthetic Biology

Last month, we presented our work on modeling the cell cycle using high-throughput yeast genetics at the fourth Gordon Research Conference on Synthetic Biology. The poster presented (below) describes a hybrid approach in which we investigate a small number of genetic interactions (630) with an unprecedented number of biological replicates (up to 20) in [...]

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