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Creation of 0.5% Zinc Acetate

Materials Consumables: Zinc acetate DI water Bottle top filter Hardware: 250 ml beaker or erlenmeyer flask Stir bar Stir plate Sterile bottle Instructions  Add 0.5 g zinc acetate to 100 ml deionized water while mixing with stir bar in beaker.  Filter sterilize using bottle top filter (0.2 µm) into sterile bottle. [...]

Creation of 0.5% Zinc Acetate2019-08-22T22:02:17+00:00

Creation of 1.5 M Tris pH 8.8 Buffer

MaterialsConsumables:Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (Tris) 181.65 gDI WaterConcentrated HCIHardware:MixerStir barAnalytical balanceGraduated cylinderSterile 1L bottleInstructions Add 181.65 g of Tris to a 1L bottle with a stir bar Add 800 ml of DI water and mix thoroughly to dissolve Add HCI until pH of 8.8 is achieved Add remaining DI water so a final volume of 1L is reachedNote: Make sure to let [...]

Creation of 1.5 M Tris pH 8.8 Buffer2019-08-22T21:56:10+00:00

Isolation of Plasmids via Zymo Research Mini-Prep

Getting Started Before proceeding: inoculate liquid media and grow sample using the Culturing E. coli protocol.     Materials Consumables: Binding buffer II-P spin column Microcentrifuge tubes Ice Zymo Research Mini-Prep Kit Hardware: Centrifuge Procedure  Set up all the tubes necessary for the mini-prep in a tube rack and number all the tubes (i.e. [...]

Isolation of Plasmids via Zymo Research Mini-Prep2019-08-22T21:19:46+00:00

Gordon Research Conference on Synthetic Biology

Last month, we presented our work on modeling the cell cycle using high-throughput yeast genetics at the fourth Gordon Research Conference on Synthetic Biology. The poster presented (below) describes a hybrid approach in which we investigate a small number of genetic interactions (630) with an unprecedented number of biological replicates (up to 20) in [...]

Gordon Research Conference on Synthetic Biology2019-08-21T15:08:07+00:00

Synthetic Biology Training Paper

Government personnel responsible for the security of life sciences infrastructures are often not formally trained in biological sciences and relevant scientific fields. Although the security sector works together with the scientific community, the rapid pace of life sciences innovations, evolving terminologies, and shifts in research culture makes it challenging for the personnel in these [...]

Synthetic Biology Training Paper2019-08-01T22:42:41+00:00

EBRC Membership

In the fall of 2018, the lab attended a retreat hosted by the Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) at Colorado State University and have been interested in the work of the EBRC since. We are very glad to announce the Peccoud Lab officially became involved with the consortium when Dr. Peccoud became an individual member [...]

EBRC Membership2019-08-02T04:42:17+00:00

Welcome Krista and Brooke

The Peccoud Lab welcomes two undergrads to our team.  Krista is an incoming freshman who will be dual majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.  Brooke is a senior in the same majors.  Both students were the first to go through our newest method of standardized training, centered around our Lab Inventory Management System [...]

Welcome Krista and Brooke2019-07-31T15:42:42+00:00

Biohacked Insulin, Still Making Waves

Remember when computers took up entire rooms and were exclusive to big companies and the government? Now we carry them in our pockets. But what changed between the days of Space Odyssey and selfies isn’t just technology. It’s access. The software boom that defined the 90s and early 00s would not have happened if [...]

Biohacked Insulin, Still Making Waves2019-07-25T16:38:06+00:00