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Thank You & Congratulations to Sarah

Sarah Condio joined the Peccoud Lab in August 2018. She played a major role in helping the lab complete the massive tasks of transitioning to a new LIMS system. Also, Sarah helped digitize and optimize all laboratory protocols. Her amazing, get-it-done attitude, attention to detail, ability to communicate, problem solve, and diligence is greatly appreciated and [...]

Thank You & Congratulations to Sarah2019-06-07T20:29:29+00:00

DNA Fragment Analysis via 4200 Agilent TapeStation

Materials Consumables: D5000/Genomic Sample Buffer D5000/Genomic Ladder Strip Tubes/96 well plate Strip Caps/Aluminum Foil Seal D5000/Genomic Screentape Hardware: 4200 TapeStation Agilent Computer Vortexer Prepping Samples Launch the '4200 TapeStation Controller' Software Controller Software Interface Assign a location to each samples you will be analyzing in the digital layout of the wells Select the wells [...]

DNA Fragment Analysis via 4200 Agilent TapeStation2019-07-08T18:59:38+00:00

Automated Prioritization and Design of Experiments

Collaborative Research: ABI Innovation: Automated Prioritization and Design of Experiments to Validate and Improve Mathematical Models of Molecular Regulatory Systems Source of Support: NSF Abstract: Complex networks of interacting molecules control all the physiological processes that occur in a living cell. It is impossible to deduce the functions of these networks using intuitive reasoning [...]

Automated Prioritization and Design of Experiments2019-07-02T20:40:12+00:00

Modeling DNA Manufacturing

EAGER: Modeling DNA Manufacturing Processes Using Extensible Attribute Grammars Source of Support: NSF Abstract: This EArly-concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) project supports the NSF mission of advancing the national health, prosperity and welfare by increasing the capabilities, accessibility and affordability of manufacturing services in support of America's leadership in the life sciences. The [...]

Modeling DNA Manufacturing2019-07-02T20:37:37+00:00

YPD Agar Growth Media

Materials Consumables for 1L of media: 900 mL Distilled Water 20 g Peptone 10 g Yeast Extract 20 g Agar 100 mL (bottle) 20% glucose Plastic Weigh Boat Aluminum Foil Autoclave Tape 0.2μm filter 3 mL syringe Hardware: 2L Flask Stir bar Hot plate Stir bar magnet stick Autoclave tub Autoclave Media [...]

YPD Agar Growth Media2019-08-22T21:09:16+00:00

TE Buffer

Materials Consumables: Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (Tris) 0.6057 g Disodium Ethylenedeamine tetraacetate.2H2O (EDTA) 0.1861 g HCI Hardware: Mixer Stir bar Analytical balance Graduated cylinder 500 ML bottle Autoclave Prepare Buffer  Add 0.6057 g of Tris and 0.1861 g of EDTA to a 500 mL bottle with a stir bar  Add 450 ml of DI water and mix thoroughly [...]

TE Buffer2019-07-22T21:25:07+00:00

Chloramphenicol Antibiotic Stock

Materials Consumables: Chloramphenicol (323.13 g mol -1) Ethanol (96%) 50mL conical vials Screw cap tubes Hardware: Vortexer Analytical balance Procedure Instructions Pipet 40mL of ethanol into a 50mL conical vial Weigh out 2g of chloramphenicol with the analytical balance Pour into ethanol and vortex Once fully dissolved, filter sterilize: Screw 0.2μm filter onto 3mL [...]

Chloramphenicol Antibiotic Stock2019-07-22T21:18:44+00:00

Carbenicillin Antibiotic Stock

Materials Consumables: Carbenicillin (Sodium salt; 371.39 g mol -1) Screw cap tubes 25mL Seriological Pipet 50mL Conical vial in a tube rack DI Water Hardware: Vortexer Electric serological pipet Dissolving Antibiotic Creation of 500mg/uL Carbenicillin Stock Weigh out 10g of Carbenicillin Place in 50mL conical vial Pipette 15mL of DI water into conical vial [...]

Carbenicillin Antibiotic Stock2019-07-22T21:12:24+00:00