• Carbenicillin (Sodium salt; 371.39 g mol -1)
  • Screw cap tubes
  • 25mL Seriological Pipet
  • 50mL Conical vial in a tube rack
  • DI Water


  • Vortexer
  • Electric serological pipet

Dissolving Antibiotic

Creation of 500mg/uL Carbenicillin Stock

  1. Weigh out 10g of Carbenicillin
  2. Place in 50mL conical vial
  3. Pipette 15mL of DI water into conical vial using 25mL serological pipet
  4. Vortex
  5. Check the total volume of the solution after vortexing (addition of powder can increase volume)
  6. Using new serological pipet, add the remaining volume of water to reach total volume 20mL
  7. Vortex until fully dissolved

Filter Sterilization

  1. Screw 0.2μm filter onto 10mL syringe
  2. Pipet antibiotic solution into syringe
  3. Plunge antibiotic solution into new 50mL conical vial
  4. Repeat until all antibiotic solution has been filter sterilized
  5. Pipet 1mL of 500mg/mL stock into 1.5mL screw cap tubes
  6. Store aliquots in -20/30 freezer