Apply to Q-Bio Summer School

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There is still time to apply to the 2016 Q-Bio Summer School. Applications are due on Monday, February 16 at 11:59pm (MST). The application requires a CV and a 1-page statement of interest in the summer school (combined into a single .pdf). Scholarships are available. To apply now, please visit the Q-Bio website: The [...]

Noisy foresight

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Twenty years ago, I was just a boy with a crazy dream of building stochastic models of the noise affecting the expression of genes in living cells. Back in the 90s this idea sounded like an heresy. The dominant paradigm of the time was to consider that gene regulation was a qualitative and deterministic process [...]

Moving to CSU

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After 10 years at Virginia Tech, it is not without emotion that I am moving to CSU. I have joined the faculty of the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering at Colorado State University who offered me the Abell Chair in Synthetic Biology. Moving to CSU represents an exceptional opportunity to join a vibrant community [...]

Essential Social Media Tools

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Many scientists think that they don't have the time to develop a presence in social media. Like many people in other trades, scientists are busy and cannot spend half of their day on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Many tools are available that make it possible to automate many of the activities associated with [...]

Synthetic biology textbooks

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I recently came across a couple of synthetic biology textbooks that you may find useful if you have not seen them yet. BioBuilder published by O'Reilly in July 2015. The lead author is Natalie Kuldell  who is an Instructor in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT as well as Founder and President of the [...]

Teaching Synthetic Biology with GenoCAD

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Teaching synthetic biology can be challenging because it involves concepts from so many fields.  I would like to give credit to two professors who have been teaching synthetic biology using GenoCAD. I was directly involved in the class taught by Massimiliano Pierobon at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Using video conference, I first gave a seminar [...]

Security of Synthetic Biology

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The security of synthetic biology can be difficult to assess. Last month we organized a week-long training on the security of synthetic biology for personnel of a government agency. This very hands-on training included wet lab activities to build a basic genetic circuit using a combination of de novo gene synthesis performed in house and [...]

Leave it to chance or not

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Carolyn Beans wrote a blog post about our project to develop stochastic models of the regulatory network controlling cell division.  She was particularly interested in aspects of cell physiology that are affected by random events and how cells manage to remain healthy despite the vagaries of molecular interactions. Read her post on the NIGMS Biobeat [...]