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Automated Prioritization and Design of Experiments

Collaborative Research: ABI Innovation: Automated Prioritization and Design of Experiments to Validate and Improve Mathematical Models of Molecular Regulatory Systems Source of Support: NSF Abstract: Complex networks of interacting molecules control all the physiological processes that occur in a living cell. It is impossible to deduce the functions of these networks using intuitive reasoning [...]

Automated Prioritization and Design of Experiments2019-07-02T20:40:12+00:00

Modeling DNA Manufacturing

EAGER: Modeling DNA Manufacturing Processes Using Extensible Attribute Grammars Source of Support: NSF Abstract: This EArly-concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) project supports the NSF mission of advancing the national health, prosperity and welfare by increasing the capabilities, accessibility and affordability of manufacturing services in support of America's leadership in the life sciences. The [...]

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Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Models

Stochastic Models of Cell Cycle Regulation in Eukaryotes Source of Support: NIH Abstract: The cell cycle is the process by which a growing cell replicates its genome and partitions the two copies of each chromosome to two daughter cells at division. It is of utmost importance to the perpetuation of life that these processes [...]

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