Current and previous research projects.

Stochastic Models of the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle

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Source of Support: NIH Total Amount Requested: $2,251,374 (Peccoud’s Share $1,696,184) Period Covered: 05/01/15 to 04/30/19 Abstract: The cycle of cell growth, DNA synthesis, mitosis and cell division is the fundamental process by which cells (and all living organisms) grow, develop and reproduce. Hence, it is of crucial importance to science and human health to [...]

Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-up Models in Systems Biology with Applications to Cell Cycle Control in Budding Yeast

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Source of Support: NIH  Amount Awarded: $2,090,926 (Peccoud’s Share $475,023) Period Covered: 05/01/11 to 04/30/17 Abstract: Two distinct approaches are being used to study complex cellular systems. The first approach automatically searches large datasets for correlations between genes and proteins and represents these as a graph with nodes and edges. The second approach painstakingly crafts detailed [...]