October 31, 2019

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Colorado Cyberbiofoundry at Colorado State University (CSU), a member of the Global Biofoundries Alliance (GBA). The Colorado Cyberbiofoundry is a project-focused, collaborative, and decentralized group that includes multiple colleges and aims to maximize capabilities and improve opportunities for collaboration, particularly for high-throughput yeast genetics, microbiome engineering, and biomanufacturing projects.

The idea for the Cyberbiofoundry came about from a frustrating yet common experience in science: the realization that time and money was wasted on experiments due to a failure to plan workflows, systems and data management ahead of time. We are eager to identify these gaps and discover solutions. The CSU Cyberbiofoundry’s unique approach will focus on workflows and project management in a decentralized group, which will permit the incorporation of a variety of capabilities and engage a larger audience of researchers than previously possible.

Current goals of the Cyberbiofoundry include integrating a common software infrastructure, enabling rapid real-time data analysis, employ manufacturing principles and techniques in biological workflows, engaging industry partners, and fostering cross-foundry collaborations with other members of the GBA.

In an effort to enrich the CSU scientific community, Dr. Jean Peccoud spearheaded the effort to connect interested researchers across campus to form the Cyberbiofoundry. He, along with 6 additional members from 5 other departments across CSU, comprise its steering committee, which will meet regularly to discuss the goals and progress of the Cyberbiofoundry. The current steering committee members are Dr. Wade Troxell from the department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Louis-Noël Pouchet from the department of Computer Science, Dr. Laurie Stargell from the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  Lucas Argueso from the department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences, Dr. Pankaj Trivedi from the department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, and Dr. Emily D. Henriksen from the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

As a land-grant university, CSU has a great community with a strong emphasis on research. We are dedicated to further enriching CSU’s scientific community through the Cyberbiofoundry. If you are interested in being involved in any capacity, please contact us.