• D5000/Genomic Sample Buffer D5000/Genomic Ladder
  • Strip Tubes/96 well plate
  • Strip Caps/Aluminum Foil Seal D5000/Genomic Screentape


  • 4200 TapeStation Agilent Computer Vortexer

Prepping Samples

  1. Launch the ‘4200 TapeStation Controller’ Software

    Controller Software Interface
  2. Assign a location to each samples you will be analyzing in the digital layout of the wells
    Select the wells you wish to use, either in the 96 well plate format and/or the 16 well formation.
  3. In the description of each well, insert the sample name
  4. Acquire the correct amount of consumables (screen tapes, tubes, loading tips) calculated by the software
    • Flick each screen tape individually to remove any bubbles
    • Using partially used screen tapes first, place the primary screentape in the screen tape nest (circled in blue)
    • If more than one screen tape is needed place the remaining screen tapes in the screentape rack (circled in red) with the ‘Back’ (barcoded) side of the screen tape towards the back of the instrument

Sample Preparation and Analysis

Sample Preparation

  1. Vortex reagents + spin down
  2. Prepare ladder:
    • For 1 – 15 samples, pipette 10 μL Sample Buffer and 1 μL Ladder at position A1 in a tube strip
    • For 16 or more samples, pipette 20 μL Sample Buffer and 2 μL Ladder at position A1 in a tube strip
  3. For each sample, pipette 10 μL Sample Buffer and 1 μL DNA sample in a well plate or a tube strip
    • For 1-15 samples, pipette samples into the tube strips
    • For 16 or more samples, pipette samples in 96 well plate
  1. Apply foil seal to sample well plate and caps to tube strips with ladder or sample
  2. Mix liquids in sample and ladder vials using the IKA vortex at 2000 rpm for 1 min
  3. Spin down in minifuge to position the sample and ladder at the bottom of the well plate and/or tube strip.

Sample Preparation Workflow

Sample Analysis

  1. If using strip caps, loosen the cap before placing in the TapeStation
  2. Load samples into the Agilent 4200 TapeStation instrument
  3. If using strip caps, carefully remove the strip caps of tube strips from the tubes by pulling them off perpendicular to the tube strip, not parallel (prevents splashing in the
  4. Place ladder in position A1 on tube strip holder in the 4200 TapeStation instrument
  5. Select required sample positions on the 4200 TapeStation Controller Software
  6. Click Start
  7. The Agilent TapeStation Analysis Software opens after the run and displays results.

See more product details by clicking on this link: 4200 TapeStation System