In the fall of 2018, the lab attended a retreat hosted by the Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) at Colorado State University and have been interested in the work of the EBRC since. We are very glad to announce the Peccoud Lab officially became involved with the consortium when Dr. Peccoud became an individual member in July.

The EBRC is a community of Principal Investigators, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and industry members all committed to advancing synthetic biology. The EBRC states their focus as a nonprofit is on “building dynamic relationships between academic and industry scientists and engineers, developing research roadmaps for the field, establishing a voice for the engineering biology research community, and maintaining a focus of relevant policy issues at both the national and international level.”

Dr. Peccoud is already making best use of his membership by participating in an EBRC hosted workshop this week. We are all looking forward to being engaged members of the consortium and contributing to the development of the synthetic biology research community.


EBRC’s Roadmap identifying priority research areas.