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  • 1M Tris-HCI pH 7.5 | 5mL
  • Xylene cyanol | 150mg
  • Bromophenol blue | 150mg
  • Glycerol | 300mL
  • Orange G | 2g
  • Deionized Water | 150ML
  • Bottle Top Filter | 0.2μm
  • Steri Cup


  • Graduated Cylinder | 1L
  • Sterile Bottle | 500ML
  • Stir Bar | Small


  1. Measure out 150mL of DI water in graduated cylinder with stir bar
  2. Place on hot plate and begin spinning stir bar
  3. Weigh out Xylene cyanol, Bromophenol blue, and Orange G
  4.  Add Tris-HCI and then weighed out dry materials
  5. Add Glycerol last
  6. Once ingredients are mostly incorporated, add DI water to graduated cylinder to reach 1L of solution

Filter Sterilization

  1. Attach the Stericup to sterile 500mL bottle
  2. Attach vacuum to protruding plastic portion of the Stericup
  3. Pour a portion of the 6X solution into the holding container
  4. Turn on the vacuum
  5. Liquid is very viscous. To reduce viscosity, place in microwave for 30 seconds