For several months, the GenoCAD team and OpenHelix have been crafting training materials to help new users become aware of the features of GenoCAD. We’ve now rolled out workshops to bring live training to researchers who will benefit from using the computer-assisted design tools for genetic parts. We held the workshop on June 17 at the Becker Medical Library at the Washington University in St. Louis.  Hosted by Kristi Holmes and with Marcy Vana, who work hard to bring bioinformatics awareness and training to their community, we had a great group of attendees who tuned up their skills and learned new things about GenoCAD. Researches appreciated the utility of the design aspects. A big hit was the feature of exporting the molecular sequences with GenBank format details (covered in the advanced topics section).

We will be conducting more workshops in the coming months. You can already access the slides and exercises yourself right now and roll them out to your users or study then on your own.  These resources are free to use in educational situations. The current slides, exercises, and data to import can be downloaded from Figshare.