February 18, 2020

We are pleased to host an interactive workshop designed to help graduate students and postdocs identify potentially malicious applications of their work and mitigation options organized by the Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) this spring.

Malice Analysis
Assessing Biotechnology Research for Security Concerns

Colorado State University
Lory Student Center Room 386
1101 Center Ave Mall,
Fort Collins, CO 80521

March 23, 2020, 9:00-1:00

The purpose of this workshop is to instill an awareness of security into researchers in the field of engineering biology. It is not intended to create experts or induce paranoia. Rather, it is intended to include security considerations as a normal part of the responsible conduct of research.

In a world where biotechnologies become increasingly powerful, the research community must begin to identify aspects of the technology that could potentially be used to cause harm. By the end of this workshop, students and postdocs should be familiar with how their research could potentially be used to cause harm, laws and other mitigations in place to prevent misuse, and strategies for discussing concerns.

All participants will be asked to submit abstracts of their work. Using the analytical framework presented, participants will analyze technically disparate projects to gain an understanding of the broad applicability of this approach assessing ongoing research projects. Participants will be asked to present the small group findings on their own project.

Interested parties should register here no later than March 16, 2020.