After 10 years at Virginia Tech, it is not without emotion that I am moving to CSU. I have joined the faculty of the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering at Colorado State University who offered me the Abell Chair in Synthetic Biology.

Moving to CSU represents an exceptional opportunity to join a vibrant community of scientists with strong interests for synthetic biology. This community includes more than 25 faculty members on campus in many different academic departments, from mathematics and biology to computer science and veterinary medicine.

This move will give us the opportunity to enhance the synthetic biology component of our research program. One of the new projects that I intend to develop in collaboration with the BioMARC is the optimization of expression systems used in the manufacturing of biologics. The RMRCE will provide opportunities to work on problems related to biodefense and national security. I am also looking forward to working on bioenergy applications in collaboration with members of the BioEnergy cluster.

Anyone who has been through this process knows that relocating a lab is complex, time consuming, and always slower than anticipated. We are planning that moving to CSU will take the best part of the spring semester. Personally I will only permanently relocate to Colorado in June . Until then I will telecommute from Virginia and make trips to Colorado on a as-needed basis. Neil Adames will precede me in Fort Collins where he will be in charge of setting up our new lab.

Over the next few months, you can expect more changes to this web site and the accompanying newsletter to reflect this transition.