New Hires

As the group is completing its transition to Colorado State University, we have been building a new team. Since May, we have added five new hires to our team.

  • Jenny Harding is a research coordinator. She joined us from the Department of Microbiology where she had been working with Ian Orme for many years. Jenny is actively involved in pre-award and post-award operations. She is also spending part of her time with the office of sponsored research.
  • Jenna Gallegos is a postdoctoral fellow in the group. She recently graduated from UC Davis where she worked with Alan Rose. More recently she received a Fellowship in Mass Media Communication from the AAAS the supported an internship at the Washington Post.
  • Aubrey Ibele is a graduate student pursuing a masters degree in the biomedical engineering program. She is sharing her time between the development of a genome verification pipeline and the development of a new family of expression vectors.
  • Eric Kudlow is an undergraduate student enrolled in the Chemical Engineering program. He is contributing to our cell cycle research by helping with the experimental work and developing data analysis scripts.
  • Alex Kosminski is an undergraduate student pursuing a dual major in chemical engineering and biomedical engineering. She is contributing to the Open Insulin project by analyzing its potential impact and experimenting with cell-free expression systems.


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