Noise in synthetic genetic oscillators


Sources of Variability in a Synthetic Gene Oscillator


Alan Veliz-Cuba Andrew J. Hirning Adam A. Atanas Faiza Hussain Flavia Vancia Krešimir Josić Matthew R. Bennett Gabor Balazsi


Published in: PLOS Computational Biology
Volume: 11, Issue: 12, Pages: e1004674-
Published: 12/22/2015
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004674

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This paper focuses on characterizing the stochastic dynamics of previously described synthetic genetic oscillators. It is a very nice combination of experimental and computational work. The computational aspect includes both image analysis and parameter estimation. They breakdown the noise into different components including intrinsic noise, cell cycle noise, and parameter variability by looking at the expression of genes in cell lineages across several generations.


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