Jenna Gallegos joined the Peccoud lab as a postdoc in August 2017. Jenna got her PhD in plant biotechnology at UC Davis where she studied gene expression in Arabidopsis. In addition to skills in molecular biology, Jenna is an avid science communicator. She tweets, blogs, makes videos, and writes science-based news articles. Before coming to CSU, Jenna interned as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow at The Washington Post, and on the BioDirect team within Monsanto’s Ag Productivity Innovations Organization in Woodland, CA.

As a postdoc, Jenna’s work focuses on data management, writing, and strategic communications. Jenna works with other lab members to organize laboratory workflows and ensure that data is efficiently collected, stored, and analyzed. Jenna also assists in writing grant proposals and manuscripts for publication and manages the lab’s web-based communications.