Neil Adames

Neil Adames is a Research Scientist and joined the Peccoud lab in April 2012. Neil has a PhD in Molecular Genetics and has been a full-time researcher since 1990. Neil obtained his BSc, MSc, and PhD in Canada, was a post-doctoral fellow at Washington University in St. Louis in Dr. John A. Cooper’s lab, and ran his own lab at the University of Alberta before joining the Peccoud lab. Neil is a former NSERC post-doctoral fellow and Canada Research Chair and has been interested in mitosis and cell cycle regulation since starting his post-doc in 1997.

Neil is primarily generating new combinations of yeast cell cycle mutants and characterizing their phenotypes to compare these to phenotype predictions from mathematical models. He is currently adapting the Synthetic Genetic Array (SGA) approach to generate thousands of new mutant strains with combinations of up six cell cycle mutations. These models are updated to better fit new experimental data and incorporate new important regulatory mechanisms.

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