I recently came across a couple of synthetic biology textbooks that you may find useful if you have not seen them yet.

  • BioBuilder published by O’Reilly in July 2015. The lead author is Natalie Kuldell  who is an Instructor in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT as well as Founder and President of the BioBuilder Educational Foundation. The books targets an audience of high-school and under graduate students. This book will be an inspiration for the next generation of scientists who will be drawn to explore the frontier of science and engineering. It provides teachers and students a different perspective on basic sciences and the fundamentals of engineering.
  • Synthetic Biology : A Lab Manual was published by World Scientific Publishing Company in June 2014. The senior author is Anthony C. Forster who is University Chair in Chemical Biology at the University of Uppsala. This book covers the fundamentals of operating a lab and describes the most commonly used protocols in synthetic biology. It will be most helpful to instructors and students interested in getting involved in iGEM. It can also provide the curriculum for a lab course in synthetic biology.

Let me know what are your favorite synthetic biology textbooks? What are the synthetic biology textbooks that you need but are yet to be written?