Chloramphenicol Antibiotic Stock

Materials Consumables: Chloramphenicol (323.13 g mol -1) Ethanol (96%) 50mL conical vials Screw cap tubes Hardware: Vortexer Analytical balance Procedure Instructions Pipet 40mL of ethanol into a 50mL conical vial Weigh out 2g of chloramphenicol with the analytical balance Pour into ethanol and vortex Once fully dissolved, filter sterilize: Screw 0.2μm filter onto 3mL [...]

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Carbenicillin Antibiotic Stock

Materials Consumables: Carbenicillin (Sodium salt; 371.39 g mol -1) Screw cap tubes 25mL Seriological Pipet 50mL Conical vial in a tube rack DI Water Hardware: Vortexer Electric serological pipet Dissolving Antibiotic Creation of 500mg/uL Carbenicillin Stock Weigh out 10g of Carbenicillin Place in 50mL conical vial Pipette 15mL of DI water into conical vial [...]

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