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Support student research to produce insulin for all

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Support student research to produce insulin for all We are running a  fundraising campaign to support graduate student research to develop a small-scale manufacturing process to produce insulin for all.   Need to produce insulin for all Since its discovery in 1921, insulin has revolutionized the quality and quantity of life for persons with diabetes. [...]

Could DIYBio change the cost of insulin?

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After a century, insulin is still expensive – could DIYers change that? Miniature biomanufacturing kits like this prototype could revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Amino Labs, CC BY-ND Jenna E. Gallegos, Colorado State University and Jean Peccoud, Colorado State University Soon after Federick Banting discovered that insulin could be used to treat diabetes in 1921, he [...]

Is there a Genome Editing Right?

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Biohackers are using CRISPR technology to edit their own genomes. Is there a genome editing right or should CRISPR tools be controlled substances? The Facts Josiah Zayner, recently reported, that he attempted to edit his own genome using the CRISPR. This story was reported in a number of outlets including Outside Magazine and Buzzfeed. This [...]