Creation of 0.5% Zinc Acetate

Materials Consumables: Zinc acetate DI water Bottle top filter Hardware: 250 ml beaker or erlenmeyer flask Stir bar Stir plate Sterile bottle Instructions  Add 0.5 g zinc acetate to 100 ml deionized water while mixing with stir bar in beaker.  Filter sterilize using bottle top filter (0.2 µm) into sterile bottle. [...]

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Creation of 1.5 M Tris pH 8.8 Buffer

MaterialsConsumables:Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (Tris) 181.65 gDI WaterConcentrated HCIHardware:MixerStir barAnalytical balanceGraduated cylinderSterile 1L bottleInstructions Add 181.65 g of Tris to a 1L bottle with a stir bar Add 800 ml of DI water and mix thoroughly to dissolve Add HCI until pH of 8.8 is achieved Add remaining DI water so a final volume of 1L is reachedNote: Make sure to let [...]

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5M Sodium Chloride Solution

Materials Consumables: NaCl | 146.1 g DI Water | 500 ml Hardware: Vortexer Stir bar Stir plate Analytical balance Preparation Instructions  Add NaCl to DI water while mixing with stir bar Once dissolved filter sterilize using bottle top filter (0.2 µm) Add to a sterile bottle

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20% Glucose Solution

Materials Consumables: Glucose DI water Weigh boat Autoclave tape Hardware: 2L flask Stir bar Balance 100mL glass bottles Autoclave Graduated cylinder Procedure Instructions: Measure out 1.5L of DI water into 2L flask on hot plate Add stir bar and begin spinning Measure out 400g of glucose powder Stir until dissolved Bring total volume up [...]

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Gel Electrophoresis Loading Dye

Materials Click image above for video. Consumables: 1M Tris-HCI pH 7.5 | 5mL Xylene cyanol | 150mg Bromophenol blue | 150mg Glycerol | 300mL Orange G | 2g Deionized Water | 150ML Bottle Top Filter | 0.2μm Steri Cup Hardware: Graduated Cylinder | 1L Sterile Bottle | 500ML Stir Bar | Small [...]

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