We had a lab retreat! (and you should too)

Peccoud Lab Retreat 2018 was a big success This weekend, the Peccoud lab went on a three-day retreat at the Cliff House Hotel in Manitou, CO. A retreat for a small academic lab may sound like an unusual idea, but...

5s lab organization training

5S Lab Organization Training

We provide a 5S Lab Organization Training program. Why 5S Lab Organization Training? I was first exposed to the 5S Lab Organization system while visiting the Invitrogen plant in Carlsbad. I immediately expressed an interest in implementing this in my...

5s lab organization training

5S Lab Organization – an Old Dog Learns New Tricks

When I interviewed for my present position in the Peccoud lab at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, David Ball gave me a tour of the lab and I immediately noticed that every item on a bench or desk was outlined with yellow tape and labeled....

lims software

Using a LIMS in an Academic Lab

Using a LIMS in an academic lab may seem like overkill. Unless you remember that all laboratories produce something, whether samples or spreadsheets. Ideally, every step in the process of making the product, including the origins of precursors and the...

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

This article is part of the About My Lab Collection.

funding nih nsf

Chase the dream, not the money: the dirty little secrets of proposal writing

When I started writing proposal, I was “chasing the money” by submitting proposals haphazardly in responses to various calls I was aware of. There are two problems with this approach. I did not understand well how to work with the...

The A-Myth: running your lab as a business

A-Myth stands for “The Academic Myth.” I want to challenge the conventional wisdom that research groups in academia should not be managed as businesses. It is tempting to take cover behind our non-profit status, our noble pursuit of knowledge, and other excuses to dismiss [...]


This presentation was first given as part of the Junior PI Meeting organized in the context of ISMB/ECCB 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Click here for more information about the JPI meeting. Some of the ideas presented in these slides are somewhat...

A toolkit to implement 5S in a laboratory environment

A toolkit to implement 5S in a laboratory environment

This file sent includes several files used in our group to implement the 5S methodology in a laboratory environment. We hope that this toolkit will help other people interested in using 5S in their own organization.

The development of this resource was [...]


We deposited on Figshare the different documents and templates we have developed to implement the 5S methodology in our labs.

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