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Leave it to chance or not

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Carolyn Beans wrote a blog post about our project to develop stochastic models of the regulatory network controlling cell division.  She was particularly interested in aspects of cell physiology that are affected by random events and how cells manage to remain healthy despite the vagaries of molecular interactions. Read her post on the NIGMS Biobeat [...]

NIH Funding Rate

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Dr. Sally Rockey published an interesting blog about the historical trends in NIH funding rates. The success rates are historically low but paradoxically, the number of people funded increases. This probably means the cost of managing government funds is going to the roof as more grants are written, reviewed, and administered. Dr. Rockey is NIH's Deputy Director [...]

Fostering Transdisciplinary Science with Cyberinfrastructures

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I want to tell you how cyber-infrastructures can enable large research research projects involving specialists from multiple disciplines and why it makes economic sense to develop such an infrastructure. The most exciting scientific research often involves multiple disciplines. You may have heard of multidisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research, or transdisciplinary research. They are like different levels of intimacy [...]

Twice or half the money?

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In the January 31st, 2013 issue of Nature, Skip Garner published a comment entitled "Research funding: Same work, twice the money?". In this article Garner and his collaborators report the results of a large scale analysis of grant applications submitted to the main US funding agencies. Their approach combines automatic text mining of the proposal abstracts [...]