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New synthetic biology journal

Why a new synthetic biology journal? Most synthetic biology papers are not published in a synthetic biology journal. They are still published in non-specialized journals that span a broad spectrum of scientific specialties from bioinformatics to molecular biology and biotechnology. It can be difficult for readers to notice synthetic biology papers among all the other papers [...]

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DOIs for my Blogs

The Winnower is a new service that academic bloggers have been waiting for. It is a platform that allow blogs to benefits from many of the services typically provided by regular journals. Academic bloggers can submit their posts for publication on the platform. The process is extremely simple. The software is even capable of retrieving [...]

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Dear Editors

Dear Editors, Thank you for the rejection of our paper. As you know we receive a great many rejections, and unfortunately it is not possible for us to accept all of them. Your rejection was carefully reviewed by three experts in our laboratory, and based on their opinions, we find that it is not possible [...]

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