This August the Peccoud Lab was very pleased to receive an EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) award from the National Science Foundation. The funding supports a project the lab is working on with Dr. Indrakshi Ray's  group at Colorado State University to develop a software designed to ensure the identity and fidelity of [...]

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Teaching Synthetic Biology with GenoCAD

Teaching synthetic biology can be challenging because it involves concepts from so many fields.  I would like to give credit to two professors who have been teaching synthetic biology using GenoCAD. I was directly involved in the class taught by Massimiliano Pierobon at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Using video conference, I first gave a seminar [...]

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Virginia Tech announces GenoCAD transition

Virginia Tech issued a press-release announcing the transformation of GenoCAD into a commercial product. GenoCAD started as a NSF-funded research project. In 2010, we released the application open-source using the Apache 2.0 license. Open source licensing appeared to be the most favorable way of ensuring the long-term sustainability of this infrasture. After we created GenoFAB, [...]

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GenoCAD has Moved!

GenoCAD has not been supported by an active research grant since 2013. As a result, the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute no longer has the resources necessary to maintain this free service to the community. Last we week we redirected the GenoCAD.org address to a new server available at GenoCAD.com. This new infrastructure will be more suitable to support the [...]

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Using a LIMS in an Academic Lab

Using a LIMS in an academic lab may seem like overkill. Unless you remember that all laboratories produce something, whether samples or spreadsheets. Ideally, every step in the process of making the product, including the origins of precursors and the physical or digital locations of the products, should be documented. I have worked in seven [...]

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Nature Biotechnology publishes perpective on SBOL, community standard for synthetic biology

Several members of the lab have been involved in the development of SBOL since 2008. These efforts have been recognized by the publication in Nature Biotechnology of a commentary describing this community effort. Read the article here.

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Introduction to GenoCAD Webinar presented by OpenHelix

The Peccoud Lab, based at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech, is sponsoring a free webinar on GenoCAD, presented by OpenHelix on Thursday, March 27th, at 18:00 p.m. UTC/2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT. GenoCAD is a Computer-Assisted Design application for synthetic biology projects, which was developed by the Peccoud Lab at Virginia Tech and supported by the National [...]

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Fostering Transdisciplinary Science with Cyberinfrastructures

I want to tell you how cyber-infrastructures can enable large research research projects involving specialists from multiple disciplines and why it makes economic sense to develop such an infrastructure. The most exciting scientific research often involves multiple disciplines. You may have heard of multidisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research, or transdisciplinary research. They are like different levels of intimacy [...]

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