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PLoS SynBio Community Coverage of iGEM SBBSF

Two major synthetic biology conferences took place last month. iGEM celebrated 10 years with a giant jamboree that was extensively covered by the PLoS Synthetic Biology Community. See for instance: Wrapping up iGEM 2014 Before they were famous: Interview with iGEM Team Heidelberg I personally attended SynBioBeta San Francisco. I wrote a short report of [...]

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A Guide for Communicating Synthetic Biology

The Woodrow Wilson Center Synthetic Biology Project has just released a guide to help practitioners of synthetic biology communicate with different constituencies. Reading this document is cheap insurance against potential public relation disasters that may hurt not only you and your organization but our entire industry. We certainly do not want or need a major [...]

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PLoS Extends Synthetic Biology Collection

In 2012, Mark Isalan and myself compiled a list of synthetic biology papers published in PLoS ONE (See The PLOS ONE Synthetic Biology Collection: Six Years and Counting). This impressive corpus of synthetic biology papers was highlighted by PLoS in a journal-specific collection. For various reasons, the decision was made at the time to focus on [...]

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PLoS Launches Synthetic Biology Community

PLoS is launching the PLoS Synthetic Biology Community ( as a hub to allow readers and authors of synthetic biology literature to gather in one place. This resource will provide informal online avenues for researcher collaboration and discussion of PLOS-published research, it will help promote the synthetic biology collection, and it will contribute to demonstrate the [...]

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GenoCAD tutorial at Washington University in St Louis

For several months, the GenoCAD team and OpenHelix have been crafting training materials to help new users become aware of the features of GenoCAD. We’ve now rolled out workshops to bring live training to researchers who will benefit from using the computer-assisted design tools for genetic parts. We held the workshop on June 17 at [...]

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Releasing GenoCAD v2.0

We are happy to announce our latest release, GenoCAD v.2.0! In addition to a sharp, updated look, it has the following new features: • A more intuitive user interface that guides users through the sequence design process (parts/libraries -> designs -> simulation) • Context-sensitive Help to guide users through each page. • Public Designs that [...]

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