Fostering Transdisciplinary Science with Cyberinfrastructures

I want to tell you how cyber-infrastructures can enable large research research projects involving specialists from multiple disciplines and why it makes economic sense to develop such an infrastructure. The most exciting scientific research often involves multiple disciplines. You may have heard of multidisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research, or transdisciplinary research. They are like different levels of intimacy [...]

Fostering Transdisciplinary Science with Cyberinfrastructures2019-04-04T17:18:25+00:00

Imagine what we can do together

LinkedIn just published this video as part of their 10 year anniversary. I like the way it frames the relations between personal aspirations and the need of others to move in that direction. Lately I have encouraged everyone in the group to think bigger, to be more ambitious in the scientific projects they focus on, [...]

Imagine what we can do together2019-04-04T17:18:25+00:00